Organise using EventBeat

12/06/2013 by Nick Johnson


Create customisable folders to filter all the ‘Social noise’ into your chosen categories. These folders may be specific to monitoring audience participation and conversations or more specific #hashtag responses to questions or seminar interactions.

As soon as you begin to listen to your audience, you can organise all of this ‘social noise’ into categories of your choice. Some popular choices are ‘publish’, ‘praise’, ‘complaints’ and ‘opportunities’. A publish folder is used to arrange the tweets you want to publish to any of your event big screens or any social signage. Display your favourite comments to everyone! The beauty here is that any negatives and positives can be segregated so you can solve any problems or grow opportunities in future – without EventBeat you may have never found out about this kind of sentiment. The organisation that EventBeat gives you enables you to have full control over your social media management at your event.