Social Signage

19/06/2013 by Nick Johnson


We like to think of social signage as the reinvention of digital signage in the sense that it is now a two-way process; a conversation.

In the ‘digital age’ why would you want your screens to only communicate one way? EventBeat makes an audience part of a real conversation. This way, you can obtain a completely authentic insight into what your consumers expect, want and recommend from an event.

The beauty of EventBeat is that you are always in control of the content that you publish to any live screens. This way any obscenities on any networks can be filtered out and only the best comments showcased live. Make the most of your online audience through EventBeat by keeping up to date with the conversations your visitors are having. This content ranges right across the social spectrum with Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook capabilities ready for you to inspire your audience. Our social signage software gives you the ability to schedule custom designed advertisements (from which additional revenue can be created) and make real-time announcements, great for coordination and informing attendees on the day.