Let your audience live in the moment

16/07/2013 by Nick Johnson


Marketing at events has always been huge, but now we’re not only seeing the need for event organisers but digital organisers specifically. The need for either a digital manager or at particularly large events, a digital team is becoming ever more apparent to the people who understand how this tech is changing the industry. Brands that turn a blind eye to social media at events tend fall behind pretty quickly, as their competitors open their arms to change and connect with audiences in these emerging spaces they love to use.

In the build up to an event it can be useful to drip-feed your followers with tempting, interesting content on a regular basis. This informs them to ‘expect’ regularity of communications from your brand, and therefore when the event arrives you can create real-time messages from moments as they happen. The key is to make these as rich and instantly shareable as possible! One way of doing this effectively is for the digital manager to immerse them self into the trends, habits  and general talk of the audience. You can then watch out for the top influencers and connect with them. Social signage software helps you keep all of this action in the same location in a completely manageable way for live, relevant, conversation-based content.