6/03/2014 by Nick Johnson


The day George, our very own miniature King was born, was a very special day. One which will go down in history for many years to come. But how did you hear about the news? Was it told to you by a stranger on the bus who couldn’t hold her excitement? Or was it some form of social media?

As a society, I think we’ve progressed with the invention of social media, making our views known to the whole world has opened up possibilities people thought could never happen. News of wrong-doings travels the globe like wildfire and can be critiqued by millions, whereas it used to be the only opinion we’d get, is the toffs that worked for the Daily Mail.

We’re getting unfiltered news straight from the mouth, rather than being moderated by journalist of a certain ‘social class’. Look at North Korea. They’ve just been told their noble leader, Kim Jong Un won 2 gold medals in the Sochi Winter Olympics. How can he possibly get away with something so ridiculous? …censorship.

“North Korea Announces Kim Jong-un Takes Gold In Pairs Figure Skating and Two Man Bobsled!”

Social networks are making our world smaller, now you’re closer than ever to your long-lost relative in New Zealand. Hearing his thoughts though the interconnected web, which connects us all like a comforting social blanket. One thats gets pulled over your toes at night, and you’re eyes in the day. What social media allows is for everyone to have an opinion, teenagers can become instantaneously famous for sharing a deep thought, or more often than not a deep moment of stupidity.

We are truly living in the digital age.