Social Media display advertising

21/07/2014 by Nick Johnson

  • How do you generate that extra bit of revenue whilst your event is in full swing?

  • EventBeat provides you with the opportunity to drive lucrative advertising income through pre-scheduled advertisements during the broadcast, at controllable intervals dependent on your own professional requirements.

  • Having engaged people taking interest in the pictures and comments up on the screen guarantees exposure for brands, providing them with invaluable recognition.

  • EventBeat is more than just a Twitter Wall. Through our feed management system, you can design and build advertisements to your specific requirements.

  • These ads can be programmed to appear at customisable intervals and on any of the screens or signage, the choice is completely up to you.

  • It allows you to showcase sponsors and sell the space to generate lucrative income streams at your venue.

  • All branding and design specifications can be built to your professional requirements.