Encouraged to tweet by EventBeat

27/10/2014 by Nick Johnson


The value of building a relationship between businesses and their audience should never be underestimated.

One of the most successful means of utilizing social media towards creating a good rapport is through Twitter chats.


Although these ‘chats’ only need to last between 30 and 60 minutes, they can provide a great platform to market a company’s brand.

By using a dedicated hashtag, an associate of a business can take part in real time conversations in order to gather useful feedback with regards to a service or product.

It can be a difficult skill to ensure the audience is completely engaged, due to the many distractions floating around on social media.

It is therefore incredibly important to contain relevant and up to date material when initiating a conversation.

Current events is usually a topical subject to openly discuss, especially if the particular story contains any controversial statistics.


Including images and videos embedded in tweets can often encourage other passive viewers to contribute towards the conversation.

Applying multimedia is a useful feature to secure audience interaction, as it denies them the opportunity to be so easily distracted elsewhere.


At the recent CPhI Paris pharmaceutical expo, EventBeat moderated a Tweet Chat feature, designed to allow valuable insight and knowledge to be presented by industry experts.