Why incorporate Social Media into Q&A sessions?

28/10/2014 by Nick Johnson


Event speakers often encourage their audience to involve themselves in the particular debate that is being presented.

The crowd can usually range from roughly one hundred, to potentially thousands of delegates in attendance.

Therefore, there tends to be a keen interest from many of the active participants to engage with the content of the speeches and presentations, whilst actually at the event.


How on earth do you manage to answer everyone’s questions who are at the venue?! (Let alone online followers).

Passing round the microphone probably won’t suffice here…

A popular method for the guest speakers to effectively ensure the live question and answer session is a success, is to use social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, to assist them.

The questions and answers really start to take shape prior to an event, especially when promotion and awareness begins to gain momentum, notably with regards to the online following.

Interested people will naturally want to know more about the details of the schedule, contents of keynote speeches and facilities at the venue.