EventBeat - A Great advert for others to follow

11/11/2014 by Nick Johnson


Advertising has rapidly developed into an aspect of our lives that influences decisions we make on a daily basis.

From bus stops and billboards, to television and radio, advertisements are everywhere!


Advertising rules our lives; it pays for the TV shows we watch, the websites we surf through, the sport teams we follow. It’s a huge part of everyday life now and it’s here to stay.

Google is an example of a company who have been particularly shrewd with regards to their target market.

They have developed the most precise and lucrative form of advertising: targeted advertising.

After searching ‘golf clubs’ into Google, for example. you are treated to dozens of mini adverts for golf bags, golfing holidays, golf lessons – anything you can think of that matches your search category.


Why then, has this form of advertising become so successful?

Well, for a start, they have addressed what they know about their client, including their interests and what they’ll be looking to spend their hard-earned cash on.

EventBeat provides the event organiser to capitalise on Google’s capabilities; which is effectively the ability to tailor advertisements to the relevant user group.

Brands see the commercial value of improving their awareness and reputation.