Hashtag on Target as Alex becomes overnight sensation

7/11/2014 by Nick Johnson


The power of the hashtag should never be underestimated, as was proven this week with the ‘Alex From Target’ meme.

It just goes to show how much Twitter’s popularity has grown in the last few years, as a young employee in America was catapulted into the global spotlight through social media.

‘Alex From Target’

Although the adolescent cashier in question seems like any other teenager his own age, the youthful looking Alex Lee became an internet sensation almost overnight.

He gained 316,000 followers in under twenty-four hours and was trending on Twitter with the hashtag – #alexfromtarget

The hundreds of thousands of tweets meant Alex is still trending worldwide and is further proof that Twitter has the ability to create a star out of nothing.

Initially spotted by @auscalum for his similarities with the Canadian popstar Justin Bieber, he has then gone on to gain more media attention through various social media outlets.