EventBeat in 2015!

7/01/2015 by Nick Johnson


EventBeat’s social engagement platform places you firmly in the driving seat, as you have complete control of the content broadcasted to your digital devices.


Capture the imagination of your audience by publishing thought provoking images and comments onto the digital signage, in order to increase communication levels between attendants at your event. Researching the type of market you’re advertising to is crucial if you are to make the most out of your investment.

Through social signage, you can initiate conversations with guests as a means of further enhancing participation, as well as unearthing invaluable first-hand visitor feedback whilst onsite. Social signage is one of the most effective ways to successfully operate your campaign, as well as generating massive levels of consumer interaction and engagement throughout your event.

Everyone loves to get involved with a bit of friendly competition, especially when there are prizes involved! How about introducing an element of gamification at your next event?

Our Mission

EventBeat’s mission is to provide a leading broadcasting platform that enables our global family to create engaging and innovative experiences on digital devices.

Through our core values we are seeking to place our primary focus on the user, with the belief that all else will follow suit.