EventBeat secure 12 month contract with AXA Insurance

28/04/2015 by Nick Johnson


The polling software has been seen as a great opportunity for the Management team within the AXA’s L&D department to unite members of the division, whilst also gaining valuable training insight.

By providing team members with a voice to be heard, collecting extremely useful feedback regarding customers and the future of the company is priceless.

Previous to the implementation of an EventBeat Smart Poll, employees can sometimes feel as though their opportunities to contribute are limited, whereas polling capabilities can act as a linchpin to build a united and productive atmosphere.

How does it work?

With no limits on the number of questions and answers available, fully customisable polls can be designed and created for your requirements.
EventBeat can provide an alternative web link, known as a microsite, for team members to visit and vote on the polling system.
iPads and tablet devices have been used, for example, to allow for quick and easy voting to be conducted at events, as opposed to use in the office.