Meet our newest member of the team... Matt!

10/06/2015 by Nick Johnson


Matt has wasted no time in illustrating his magical ability, conjuring up a moment of genius by integrating the live video streaming mobile app Periscope onto a Screen Cast. Although it was previously deemed impossible by the elders of the internet, Matt took it upon himself to take the perilous journey to hell… and back! All in a days work… “You shall not pass” - Au contraire Gandalf, au contraire!

The wizardry committed now allows live video streaming at an event onto screens to expand the reach and impact to a wider audience, to increase the brand exposure and wider awareness of the event!

Leaping in at the deep end of a fast paced industry, whilst tackling ever changing requirements and settling into a new environment, hasn’t seemed to phase Matt in the slightest. In fact he is relishing the challenges set before him!

All we have to do is to decide what to do with the time that is given to us” - Gandalf

I’d say our software magician has spent his time wisely so far. Welcome to the team Matt!