Wearables and their social future

29/06/2015 by Nick Johnson


Although there have been dozens of wearable releases, the one device that seems to be dominating the market in terms of popularity and sales is Apple’s variation of the smart watch. Over 50% of conversations concerning wearable devices were regarding the Apple Watch, proving its unrivalled demand amongst ‘techies’.

The Apple Watch doesn’t include an internet browser, however it is possible to operate Twitter through the mobile app. The functionality is restricted as external links cannot be followed, as well as the inability to include an @mention whilst constructing a tweet. Although the user experience differs somewhat from the usual tablet or desktop view, there are features that are not available on the larger formats, such as voice controlled tweets. To compose a tweet, simply tap the microphone icon and speak directly into your watch. The Apple Watch still allows users to retweet and favourite tweets on their timeline, viewing them through scrolling on the touch screen or by using the integrated digital crown on the side.