Facebook live video streaming

6/08/2015 by Nick Johnson


The Facebook Mentions app released last summer contains the feature, which has appropriately been called Live, allowing users and viewers to leave comments and interact in a similar fashion to the two previous frontrunners. Sounds good? Here’s the snag though… it’s only available for celebrities. So unless you are world renowned and have a huge following ranging in the hundreds of thousands, then unfortunately your only use will be to observe the life of the rich and famous! Any takers?

With that being said, this particular piece of development from Facebook demonstrates that they are on the right track. Depending on the popularity of Live with the users of the app, then perhaps the availability of live video streaming for everyone will be a possibility within the Facebook app.

If a celebrity that you follow decides to initiate a live stream, it will appear on your News Feed, or if you have recently interacted on their post you will be notified. Users can still comment, like or share the stream, just like on Periscope and Meerkat. Similar to these apps, the celebrities can toggle between their front and rear cameras whilst filming, as well as seeing how many users are currently live on their stream. The videos are then saved afterwards to their Facebook Pages.