How to create a new NowSignage project.

24/02/2016 by Nick Johnson

Congratulations, you’ve signed up to NowSignage and have created your company account.

Before you can start creating all of your screens, the first  step is to create your project. You can name your project anything that you want, but remember, your project will contain all of your screens and store all your digital assets, so it may be worth calling it a name relevant to the project that you are embarking on. Maybe something like… your brand name, or Global Store Signage, or Company Office Signage, or University Campus Signage.

To create your project simply click on the ‘+ CREATE NEW PROJECT’ button as demonstrated in the video below. On clicking this you will then be requested to enter your project name.

Once your project has been created you will be directed through to your main project dashboard, once here you can start to create your first screen.