NowSignage Launch v1.4

9/04/2016 by Julia Prentis

NowSignage platform update

What's new?

  • Any size portrait screens are now fully supported on the app, perfect for any retail store
  • A progress bar now displays while the app downloads all required content.
  • The glitch displaying `style_1` cast design names left-aligned has been fixed and both name and screen-name are now centralised
  • The issue concerning the network indicator showing in the bottom-right, regardless of connectivity, has been resolved. 
  • ‘Options’ now includes an “autoboot” option with an improved description of the switch function
  • We have also implemented the option to override the default orientation, useful for devices that lack orientation such as an Android TV or FireTV. 
  • Scaling on mobile has been improved, especially on the login page where your last-used casts will now be visible in landscape mode.

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