NowSignage Launch On To Digital Signage Market

20/04/2016 by Michael Wilde

NowSignage Digital Signage launch

EventBeat, an industry-leading provider of software for digital screens, has announced the launch of NowSignage, powering screens throughout retail and office spaces.  Known for its social media publishing platform, NowSignage has adapted their product to continuously stream moderated social media, videos or images to screens without reliance on the internet.

"Over the past few years, our team has worked hard to establish the EventBeat platform as a trusted supplier at events for many of the world’s biggest brands.” said NowSignage MD Nick Johnson. “Using our experience from an events based background, we have already had to tackle and overcome issues surrounding poor wifi connection and over-engineered hardware when broadcasting content via the cloud. Having spoken with the retail industry, these same concerns are very much prevalent with permanent signage."

NowSignage is headquartered in Manchester City Centre. It has developed cutting edge software that is compatible with any android device and partners with microcomputers, such as the Amazon FireStick, so there is no need to purchase any expensive hardware.

The platform is incredibly easy to use but just in case, NowSignage has put together a team of experts who are able to assist with the development and design of campaigns as well as manage a brand’s signage. The in-house team can be responsible for updating all your advertising and marketing material and scheduling it to broadcast on specific screens. In addition, the custom design service can create your artwork, develop industry specific apps or widgets or even animate your signage. Each client is given a dedicated account manager who works directly with the brand’s marketing team.


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