University of Chester

19/04/2016 by Julia Prentis

Digital Signage Campus Reception Screen

NowSignage’s Chester University project is centred around the creation and provision of Digital Signage. The requirements from the University can be seen as ‘dual purpose’:

  • The NowSignage system is required to provide Digital Signage to campus screens all year round.
  • To be used as an ‘experiential solution’ for one-off events, such as University Open Days and special events.

Through the NowSignage software we have provided the University of Chester with an effective means to broadcast relevant content to multiple areas around the University campus. Our advanced software not only enables content to be scheduled to multiple screens, but also different content to be displayed on different screens. Clearly, content published to the library would naturally be different to specific content to be communicated in the cafe and main reception.

Through the NowSignage system, we were able to showcase students’ work around the campus by uploading images and then scheduling the frequency and times that they are to be broadcasted to the appropriate screens.

We are pleased to say that this is an ongoing project, where we are working with the university to provide this innovative Digital Signage.


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