Digital Signage Software

17/06/2016 by Julia Prentis

Digital Signage software

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The digital signage industry is growing exponentially, with the market forecast to be worth $23.76 billion by 2020. As with any developing industry, there are still a variety of challenges that need to be overcome before the technology has reached its full potential.

We have spent years working in the events industry, often having to tackle issues with poor wifi connection and over-engineered hardware when broadcasting content via the cloud. Moving into the permanent signage sector we have found the same problems to be prevalent. So what did we do? We put our team of genius developers onto it to find a solution of course!


The Hardware

Like every other tech based industry, each year hardware gets smaller, cheaper and more powerful and the software more complex. The evolution of microcomputers has been a huge advantage to the digital signage industry, with their relatively small size meaning they can be plugged into the back of a screen and be near invisible. 


Our team has capitalised on the availability of cheap hardware options and designed a simple and user-friendly platform and app that is compatible with ANY android device. The availability of Raspberry Pi, FireTV or Intel Edison microcomputers mean you can purchase a device and run industry leading campaigns without having to pay through the nose. We are also the first digital signage software that has designed a product around the Amazon Fire devices. 


So setting up digital signage is cheaper and faster, that’s great right? Unfortunately, the growing availability of low cost hardware (and software) options has meant that there is a deficiency in tech support and maintenance within the industry. An advantage to using an Amazon product is that each device comes with the behemoth of Amazon behind it, including its own 24/7 tech outfit to support you. Our offering also includes a dedicated account manager to support you should you encounter any issues with your screens. 


The Platform

Increased competition within the industry, in addition to the availability of inexpensive digital signage, is compelling brands to create more professional and innovative content in order to stand out from the crowd. 

Static digital signage is over - it’s boring. With all the options out there why would you settle for something routine? Your brand is exciting, it’s progressive and it wants to reach as many customers as possible. 

Our platform supports a huge variety of content including:


  • Static ads
  • Advertising
  • Bespoke animation
  • Live video
  • Live social media
  • Custom widgets
  • Web portals
  • Web applications
  • RSS feeds
  • any many more!


All content is managed remotely from the user friendly central platform and distributed via the app. The platform automates most of the screen cast’s design (our name for the screen broadcast) saving you (and us) a huge amount of time and effort. This means we can concentrate on customer experience, helping them design the best campaign for their brand and giving them all the support they may need. Using our platform, customers can comfortably bring their own vision to life themselves or use our in-house design team to create something amazing. 


One of the key features of the NowSignage platform is that it is integrated into several of the world’s most popular social networks. Using social media as part of your signage has been proven to increase engagement and interaction with your brand vastly increasing ROI.


The App

The app can be downloaded onto any android device for free from the Amazon App store or Google Play Store. It has been designed to update automatically via the cloud, downloading content onto its local storage whenever it connects to the internet. The beauty of this is that content will keep playing even if the internet connection is lost. No more anxiety over poor wifi!

The app also automatically updates to the latest version of itself for free, so there are no future hidden costs that come with some applications.


We would recommend the NowSignage package for use in the retail, education, entertainment, corporate communcation, hospitality and QSR sectors.