Connecting social networks and broadcasting social media to screens

24/07/2016 by Nick Johnson

Social media is categorised as another form of digital assets, meaning that our powerful social media search engine is located on the side menu bar under the main tab ‘Assets’.

If this is your first time in this area, then you will need to start by connecting all your company social network accounts. You can do this by either clicking the ‘Add Accounts’ button or by clicking on the social network icons directly. Once the networks have been connected then they will be saved within your project.

Now that your social network accounts are connected, we can start to search across social media to find the best posts relating to your brand. By clicking on the relevant social network you can either search for your official company posts or search any keyword or #hashtag across that network. You will notice that as you choose your search terms, tags will be added below your search to enable you to search across multiple search terms within one single search. Once you are happy with your selected search terms, click on the green ‘search’ button. Within a few seconds results will be loaded to show all of the latest posts relating to your defined search.

To broadcast content from a search you can either choose to manually do this by cherry-picking only the very best content or you can set the search to auto-publish.

To manually broadcast content simply click on the ‘publish’ button located next to each individual post within your search results. By clicking ‘publish’ you will see the post instantly appear in the right hand column in a folder called ‘social media posts’.

To turn auto-publish settings on, first you need to save your search. You will notice that the ‘save’ icon located next to the ‘search’ button will become active once you have carried out a search. Click on the ‘save’ icon and save your search. Once saved, click on the ‘auto-publish settings’ button and select the folder that you wish to auto-publish content into. The NowSignage platform will then automatically carry out this saved search once an hour and publish any new content that is available.

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