Social Publising Made Easy

18/09/2016 by Michael Wilde

digital signage social media app

Finding & publishing social media content is considered normal in signage due to their engaging nature, but what else can be done by brands to use this positive content to their advantage?

Only share the best

There is a lot of rubbish out there when it comes to social media. But fear not! By being frugal with what you moderate, you keep the quality of the posts high, which also makes it more fun for anyone who's watching your screen.

Make it entertaining

People like to play to a trend. If you have a group of younger people you should think about creating a theme to the posts you put up. We know things go viral so easily now-a-days, but your screens can act as a zone for likeminded indivudials to post related content for everyones enjoyment. 

Share in a timely manner

Peopel don't want to wait around to see their selfie or comment on screen, they want it now! So ensure your moderator is in full control at the peak times, or you could see a drop in engagement. 

You're acting for your brand 

Your screens are there to improve your brand image. When you are publishing content to your screens, remember that it's the brand which must come out on top. This is why it's so important to have a moderation platform to ensure everything that goes on screens has been approved. 


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