Everything I need to know about 'Loops'

24/10/2016 by Nick Johnson

Loops are essential and super easy to create! A loop determines the order that your chosen assets will play.

For example you may want ‘jpg1’ to play for 15 seconds followed by ‘video1’. By adding your assets into a loop you decide which order your assets play and for how long they stay on screen.

Click ‘+ Create new loop’ to build a new loop for your saved assets. Start by naming your loop .e.g. Morning or Weekend. Click ‘+ add file’ to chose your asset and then decide the duration you want this asset to be on screen. Confirm this selection by clicking the green ‘add to loop’ button.

You will notice that once an asset has been added to a loop it will appear in your loop order. To add more assets simply click ‘add new loop item’ and repeat process. To re-order loop items click on the asset within the loop order and drag it to where you want it to appear.

If you are happy with the loop that you have created then click the green ‘save loop’ button. This will return you back to your loop dashboard where you can see an overview of all your loops, including information about the timetables they are linked to, the loop duration and the number of assets saved within each loop.

To target your content towards specific demographics you can create as many different loops as you want. You can then add your loops into timetables to ensure that the right loop of content plays at the right time of day. To learn more about ‘Timetables’ click here.