Everything I need to know about 'Timetables'

24/11/2016 by Nick Johnson

Timetables help transform a very complex task into a very simple automated process.

A timetable allows you to schedule different loops to play on your screens on certain days or even specific times of the day. This means that you can target your content to an exact user demographic or promotion that you want to be shown.

To add your loops to a timetable click ‘+ create new timetable’ and give your timetable a name .e.g. Spring, or North America. You can then add loops to this timetable by selecting the required save loops that you have available in this project.

Once you have added a loop into the timetable you will see it appear in the next available time slot. Drag and adjust this input to suit the required time and duration you wish to allocated for this loop within the calendar.

If you are looking after a large portfolio of screens then timetables will quickly become an essential tool for your content management strategy. By pre-building your timetables you will be in total control of each and every screen no matter where it is in the world or what time of day it is.