Introducing NowSignage Browser Mode

21/03/2017 by Matt Ryder

Digital Signage in web browser

Since the launch of NowSignage, we've been forcing the digital signage world to question how it operates. We removed the need for costly hardware with our focus on the low-cost Amazon FireTV devices, and spearheaded improvements to your customer's engagement with our curated social media publishing service.

We're very proud to announce yet another disruption to the digital signage world, a fully-fledged "Browser Mode" that allows you to view your NowSignage screen from any device that provides a web browser, from the humble PC to the cutting-edge 4k Smart TVs, you'll be able to quickly view your NowSignage loops without any initial cost.

The Browser Mode provides the same functionality that we provide within the Android app, like-for-like, so there's no surprises when you move to the Android app to power your screens. You can check out how your content looks as it works through your predefined timetable, or you can select a specific loop of content that you'd like to see.

To check out this new feature, click the "magnifying glass" icon, under any of your Screens.

​We look forward to seeing how you use it!

The NowSignage development team are always happy to hear suggestions on how to make our app better, if you've got any comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at