NowSignage v1.10 is now live!

28/04/2017 by Matt Ryder

Social Media template

After a very productive few months, the NowSignage team is happy to announce that NowSignage version 1.10 is now available for all supported devices, in both Google Play and Amazon App Stores.

We've been listening to you, and working hard to respond to the (overwhelmingly) great feedback from our clients. You asked for more options to display the great social media content coming through about your brand, and we've responded by adding a great number of new template designs into NowSignage.


New Social Media Designs

Social media comments about your brand are important, they represent your customer going out of their way to promote your brand, and it's important that these comments are framed in the correct way to maximise their impact.

Starting from version 1.10, we've upgraded the number of templates from two to six, giving you more freedom to get the word out - in the style you want.

Check out these new template designs in NowSignage from today, we'd love to see what you think.


Move it, shake it, animate it

Animated GIFs are the backbone of modern social media, and us at NowSignage love them - hey, check out some of our other blogs!

Starting from version 1.10, social media content that uses GIFs (including the Giphy function on Twitter) will display just as well as all other content, we've improved our video renderer to correctly loop these until the content is no longer shown.


Content, trust and integrity

With version 1.10, we verify that all content coming from the our private servers reaches your screen in exactly the format you expected.

When you upload a file, we take a unique 'fingerprint' that is tied to that file. Once downloaded, the NowSignage Android app will compare this fingerprint with the server version and verify that the file has come through correct and intact.

We take a very serious approach to security and content integrity, and have proactively built in protection to prevent any problems loading your data.


The NowSignage development team always love advice on how to make our app better, if you've got any comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

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