Digital Signage vs Printed Posters – All the answers to your in-store retail questions

5/06/2017 by Nick Johnson

Digital Signage in New Look

With brands from all industry sectors now transitioning over to digital signage and seeing the benefits, is it safe to say that it may be time to roll up that poster and embrace the digital change?

Research shows that digital adverts are more eye catching than traditional printed posters and can be deployed instantly rather than in days or weeks. Over recent years industry research has continually proved the effectiveness of digital advertising and now demonstrates a case for the return on the investment by switching over to digital signage:-

  • 80% of brands experienced up to 33% in additional sales through the use of digital signage (Nielson).
  • 84% of UK retailers believe digital signage creates significant brand awareness.
  • Digital Signage captures 400% more views than static signage (Intel Corp).

There is no denying that print communications have proven their worth in the past. Printed communications have evolved for years, and today digital signage is a part of the evolution to push past the traditional limitations and truly engage with customers. With cloud based solutions offering unparalleled capabilities, the benefits that cloud based digital signage brings to retailers is becoming to hard to resist. As the world around us rapidly embraces digital technology, is it time for the high street retail sector to do the same?

Digital signage gives more freedom and flexibility to retailers, while seamlessly enhancing consumer engagement with your brand. The ability to change content on the fly, schedule and arrange advertising and messages based upon the time of day or by client facial recognition, savvy organizations are starting to make the switch from print ads to digital signage.

The emergence of highly energy efficient HD and 4K digital screen quality yet again strengthens the case for digital signage. Not only do digital screens provide a more vivid and vibrant depth of colour, but they also enable the ability to now play videos and other animated screen content. This has become a marketeers dream as it opens up a whole new world of instant, meaningful, custom communication.

To put it simply, the initial investment of implementing digital signage comes with an impressive ROI. However before you can understand the cost of failing to implement digital signage, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the benefits that come with digital displays. In this series of blogs we will explore the following benefits and advantages of moving from printed posters to digital screens:

1. Marketing Speed & Flexibility - Is digital signage more efficient?

2. Brand Engagement & Impact - Is digital signage more effective?

3. CSR - Can digital improve your environmental footprint?

4. Sales & Advertising - Will digital signage make you more profitable?

5. Financial Impact - Will digital signage reduce your cost?


Is digital signage the right choice? 

In summary, there is no denying that digital signage requires an investment. The bottom line, however, is that if it’s executed properly, this investment is much less than the missed opportunity cost of not having a way to engage your customers. This form of promotion is what your customers have come to expect and is what your competitors are doing, so do you want to miss out? 

One thing to consider before implementing large scale digital signage across your stores is what software platform is right for your company. NowSignage is a cloud based platform that is built to scale, making it perfect for projects requiring control over hundreds or even thousands of screens. NowSignage are widely recognised for having one of the most slick user interfaces on the market, giving you visibility into the up-time status and content scheduling across all your screens. 

It is clear that digital signage does one thing very well and that is it engages your customers. Despite information overload in modern society, large TV screens remain hard to disregard and immediately grab our attention, in comparison to print that is less exciting and easy to ignore. From a business perspective, the ability to playback unlimited promotions within the confines of one wall space makes digital extremely effective and efficient at utilising your wall space to increase sales and brand awareness. From the perspective of being green, digital signage enables you to get more messages out with less environmental impact. 

Digital signage is both a better business and environmental approach.