Digital signage player

8/11/2017 by Nick Johnson


I was looking through some images online and saw this free image showing how retail signage use to look if you are not aware of the changes that are happening then you probably won't notice the subtle changes that are underway on our high streets worldwide.


Today more and more of our high streets globally are powered by display screen or TV's which are powered by digital signage players. In an instant the sign outside can change from one message to another without any need to call a signage company. One day a shop could be a fashion outlet the next a coffee shop with instant branding changes.


The revolution in how these screens are powered is the direct result of the changes that are happening in the digital signage player themselves.


Today there are many types of digital players, they comprise a mini computer which can use different operating systems, the fastest growing operating system being used today is the android (or android players) they can be built into the physical displays like televisions of display kiosks or they can be plugged in.


NowSignage recognised this early and based out app on this system. Today you can convert a television into a digital sign by simply plugging in a firestick.