Best digital signage software

8/01/2018 by Neil Pickstone


It's great that we are being considered the best digital signage software when we are such a young technology team (4 years now).


There are many companies that will look across the different product offerings and solutions to provide their opinion (paid for of course). As we know these opinions are very important to companies such as NowSignage.


But I consider the best endorsement a company can have about their service and solutions are those undertaken but it’s customers. A few years ago at the start of this digital signage revolution we were chosen to provide a solution to Oxford University. They wanted to trial the technology and to review the effect on it’s campus.


Sorecently that the research team decided to look at the industry as a whole and undertake their own assessment. They invited every provider into the process and as you could imagine reviewed the technology, costs and service.


We were delighted that across the spectrum of reliability, security, cost and innovation that NowSignage scored the highest.


Although we will continue to innovate we hope that other assessments allow us to be ranked highly and that the adoption of this technology and the use of our app will be continued to be recognised.