Product overview: 'NowSignage for screens'

8/02/2018 by Nick Johnson

NowSignage for screens

‘NowSignage for screens’ is our flagship digital signage platform that intuitively lets you send targeted content to any screen at any time. In an office environment this provides you with a seamless way to share internal comms, keep colleagues connected and align staff with company objectives. ‘NowSignage for screens’ is also a powerful revenue generating tool for promoting advertising and product messages across your retail, office or campus screens...


Retail signage case study with John Lewis >
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Our platform allows the seamless playing of static ads, videos, live YouTube streaming, RSS news feeds and web views, as well as moderated social media posts. All content is managed via the online platform, allowing you to schedule changes and watch your screens remotely update across your entire organisation.

Setup is really simple. All you require is a NowSignage account and an Android media player (Amazon FireStick) plugged into the back of a TV. Once setup you’ll have the ability to broadcast continuously with or without an internet connection.  


Why not get started today with our free version and upgrade as your screen requirements grow :)


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