EventBeat customers upgrade to NowSignage CMS platform

15/06/2018 by Nick Johnson


​After months of preparation June 2018 marks a key date for NowSignage and our customers.

As part of our continuing efforts to evolve and improve our offering, from this month EventBeat, the industry leading social media aggregation platform, now becomes part of the NowSignage product suite

The purpose of this blog post is to welcome and give a bit of guidance to all our current EventBeat customers. If you're reading this as a previous EventBeat customer, then firstly we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing EventBeat and notify you that your account has now been successfully upgraded to NowSignage. 

We're sure you'll have some questions so please find below answers to those we expect will concern you the most​:​ 

Do I log in and access the CMS the way I always have? 

Your EventBeat account has now been exported into your new NowSignage account and can be accessed using your existing email address. Before you login you will need to reset your password. When you log in you will be presented with signposts to 'NowSignage for websites'.​ ​Click here to reset your password for NowSignage.

How will this affect me as an EventBeat customer?
Don't worry, the social feeds on your website will remain, function and look exactly the same as they always have. This process has occurred automatically, so there's no requirement for any action on your behalf. Your account users and paid licence agreement will stay the same, all data stored within your accounts will be unaffected. You will however note some changes when you log in to the CMS, most notably the NowSignage branding of course.

Does it work in the same way?
Yes. It should be as intuitive and easy to use as ever but we are of course always on hand to help you through any questions you might have. In the unlikely event that you do get stuck then please simply raise a support ticket and we will come back to you ASAP in the way we always have.

Why the change?
We have many clients using both EventBeat and NowSignage. It made sense for us to provide a more accessible solution so that our clients can access both products from within the one platform interface.

What exactly is 'NowSignage for screens'?
'NowSignage for screens' is a well established business going back over 5 years. It allows you to turn any screen in your office in to a class-leading digital signage platform. 

If you choose to activate the 'NowSignage for screens' product then at the click of a few buttons you will be able to instantly send to any screen targeted content such as...

  • Internal comms; new starters info, social events, company news etc​.​ 
  • Dashboards; all your latest sales metrics, top performers, leaderboards, KPIs. 
  • Live TV feeds/Youtube Channels. For example, we are all looking forward to having some World Cup and Wimbledon matches here at NowSignage HQ over the summer! 
  • Industry news (stream the latest news flashes from specific sources) 
  • Display engaging social media content 
  • Essential information like weather reports and traffic information.

To get started with NowSignage for Screens all you need is a screen, an Amazon Fire Stick (or Android enabled TV) and a quick chat with us. 

If you would like to hear more then please contact us on 0161 217 1505. 

In the meantime please find a great case study from one of our previous EventBeat customers who are now using our 'NowSignage for Screens' product to power screen content around the global recruitment offices, read case study > 

Should you have any further concerns regards this migration then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Kind regards, 
The NowSignage Team