Instagram API migrated to Facebook

10/07/2018 by Matt Ryder


Following the revelations of data-harvesting of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook proceeded to shut down data access for any apps that were using the data, until they were reviewed to ensure they weren't acting in a way that harmed society.

We are happy to say that we were reviewed and passed successfully, and can resume our access of Facebook and Instagram data.

As we now have access again, we have finished implementing our new Instagram Graph API integration, which is built on top of Facebook's own Graph API.

What this means to our customers is that content is in a more permanent place, and long-term access can be guarenteed (as well as improving our service over time, from updates Facebook tack onto Instagram's new API).


So how do I connect to Instagram on NowSignage?

Super simple, you'll first need to make sure your Instagram business account is connected to your business Facebook Page (as instructed by Facebook here), and then in our social area, connect your Facebook account. (To get the popup to show, you'll want to click "Add Accounts", it has an icon of a cog.)
When you connect, we'll give you a list of pages you have access to, and if we find it - the Instagram Business account associated with that Page.

What about all my old Instagram searches?

Sadly, this new integration is a complete departure from the old Instagram API (pre-Facebook acquisition) worked, and as such, we'll be removing all old-style Instagram accounts (and associated search queries) by July 31st - to coincide with the full deprecation of the old Instagram API.

Ok, I have no idea what any of this means. Help...?

Please don't panic, just drop us a line over email or telephone and we'll talk you through getting everything set up.
At NowSignage, we take pride in being industry experts on social media, we should have you up and running shortly after you make contact.