Overhauling the Auto Publishing Service

29/03/2019 by Matt Ryder


Since 2016, NowSignage has lead the way in social media content curation with our "Smart Search" social media curation tool. Alongside our powerful social aggregation, we've provided our customers with the ability to automatically publish new posts from any of the world's largest social media sites onto their website or digital signage.

In 2018, as the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, Facebook dramatically altered the data they would provide to connected apps. Concurrently, Facebook also mandated that Instagram would also require a new interface for third-party developers. This hasty action lead to NowSignage developing a new integration that was then beset by flaws produced by Instagram's own developers, despite the advice to switch.

LinkedIn has also changed how they will interact with us, since their acquisition by Microsoft late in 2016.

We love new technologies, they remove the stuffiness of an earlier way of thinking, to make room for faster, leaner and easier software. In the case of LinkedIn and their new "Marketing Developer Program", we are yet to see this. We cannot be granted access (for what reason, they can't say) and therefore must work with the old integration.

How does this impact our customers?

We take a "snapshot" of the social media post when they're published. This means that we can provide blazingly fast content updates to your screen or website, without having to ask the social networks for the post content - this would add up to 10 seconds to every single request (we usually get content out in under 1/100th of a second).

The current LinkedIn API has now started to send out image URLs that appear to stop working at random, and affect certain customers greatly and others not at all - some customers may remember that this was an issue that affected Instagram before our API update last year.

At NowSignage, we know that complaining about it doesn't go far - action is required. And that's exactly what we've done.

Improvements to the Auto Publishing Service

We've overhauled the Auto Publishing Service, and brought in functionality to check if any published posts have changed since they were pulled from the social networks. We've built this functionality into every social network we provide integrations for, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS News and most importantly, LinkedIn.

We will now check all content, from avatars and content media to the message body - on networks that support editing posts.

Social media networks are in a meltdown, as users and governments around the world demand that they do more to protect their privacy and security. Their hasty engineering work to bring these changes in have profound impacts on our integrations, but we're committed to rolling with each and every punch Silicon Valley can throw our way.