NowSignage for Screens v2.3.0 Released

3/06/2019 by Matt Ryder


The NowSignage team are very proud to present a new release of our Android app, version 2.3.0, that is now available for all supported devices, on both Google Play and Amazon App Store.

We worked with a few of our customers to implement features that we knew were great additions to the platform, and we're grateful for their feedback and time while developing this update.


Secure Business Intelligence Reports via Microsoft Power BI

NowSignage are proud to present the most secure integration with Microsoft's Power BI platform for the digital signage market, rolling out with the v2.3.0 update.
Many digital signage providers claim to offer this service already, but eagle eyed readers will note that they will require your business intelligence reports to be publically accessible.
Of course, a publically-accessible URL can be indexed by Google and other search engines, meaning that your competitors are one search away from knowing what makes your business tick.
We have built a bespoke integration with Microsoft Power BI, which allows us to request secure tokens to display a private report on a screen, keeping your confidential data confidential.
The tokens are sent to the screens and then stored on each device in an encrypted state, to prevent an attacker accessing a Power BI report after walking off with a piece of signage hardware.
At NowSignage, security is one of our top priorities, and we hope that our actions in securing the best services for our customers reflects this.

These tweets were meant for reading

We've listened to customer feedback regarding the display of text on one of our social media templates, we were told that it's a little cramped and doesn't reflect the great content going on your screens.
This update, rolling out from today, has tweaked the layout of the "Image Comments" template to provide a bit more information in the title and spaces out the message text.
If you think any of the templates can be improved, get in touch with the team and share your suggestions. We're truly driven by feedback, and this update is evidence of that.

Long time, no see

Storage space on many devices used for digital signage isn't always generous, and at NowSignage we've always thought how to improve the already small footprint we occupy on our customer's hardware.
Since the days of NowSignage for Screens v1.0.0, we've kicked off a task when our app loads that clears off any files that you've not used in the last couple of days.
It allows you to swap out assets from a remote location without needing to have physical access and press a "Delete Old Files" button.
We've fixed a bug where certain screens that were not powered for long periods of time wouldn't always turn back on in offline mode.


The NowSignage team always love advice on how to make our app better, if you've got any comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

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