NowSignage Platform Changelog - 26 July 2019

26/07/2019 by Matt Ryder


The NowSignage platform has received various updates to improve usability and stability.

This week's changelog is as follows:

  • Applied security measures to prevent automated signups.
  • Implemented a check to prevent Announcements being sent to incompatible Screen(s).
  • Added help and guidance to the Power BI integration.
  • Added a rate-limit on how often a Power BI Report can communicate with the Power BI API.
  • Added visual information on whether a Power BI Report embed token is valid.
  • Implemented a visual indicator for available embed token capacity for Power BI
  • Fix an API bug where Power BI reports could access the Power BI API without an Azure authentication.
  • Fixed a bug with Instagram Hashtag searching to display tags with one page of results.