LinkedIn API access temporarily suspended

12/08/2019 by Matt Ryder


NowSignage is a long-time user of the LinkedIn platform, to bring our customer’s posts from the social network onto their websites and digital signage. We access their content through the LinkedIn API, a secure connection to share access to your organization’s posts and content.

As new technologies emerge, LinkedIn will update what they can send to us, such as their new “native video” functionality, and enhance existing functionality such as internationalised names.

If these changes are a large departure from the existing way, they may choose to set up a separate, new API. And with that, they may choose to review who is using their platform and what they are doing with the data.

LinkedIn have now suspended their old “version 1” API in favour of a newer “version 2” API, which provides a richer experience for our customers.

We were proactive with this change, immediately submitting ourselves for approval to LinkedIn as soon as we received word that we could apply for the new API a few months ago.

Sadly, we are still awaiting acceptance from LinkedIn. Until they approve us, we can no longer access any LinkedIn data.

In the meantime, we’re raising our case with LinkedIn using every avenue of communication available to us. Thank you for your patience while we get back on track.

(Image courtesy of: Mambembe Arts & Crafts, Flickr)