NowSignage Platform Changelog - 16 August 2019

16/08/2019 by Matt Ryder


The NowSignage platform has received various updates to improve usability and stability.

This week's changelog is as follows:

  • Disabled LinkedIn API connectivity until LinkedIn API approval is completed.
  • Added a flash message to inform about the LinkedIn API issues.
  • Removed the functionality of "account admins" in favour of the Roles system.
  • Fixed a bug in "Update multiple screens" to allow searching by location
  • Fixed a bug in "Update multiple screens" to allow searching by case-insensitive input.
  • Fixed a bug in the sidebar to only show screens that user has access to, if tagging is being utilised.
  • Implemented tooling for NowSignage customer support to act on behalf of a user.
  • Fixed a bug in the customer project access selector.
  • Implemented distributor account pre-authorisation & user registration.
  • Implemented functionality for sales associates and reseller information to be created.