NowSignage Platform Changelog - 27 November 2019

27/11/2019 by Matt Ryder


The NowSignage platform has received various updates to improve usability and stability.

This week's changelog is as follows:

  • Updated the UI text for resellers marking end-user license orders as "Processed".
  • Fixed a bug that altered the positioning of licenses in the "Activate Screen".
  • Added a toggle for NowSignage staff to set an account to use the new licensing structure.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed non-PMs to attempt to load the "invite user" form.
  • Fixed a bug with the content index when a profile didn't have a social media folder.
  • Implemented data integrity on distributor accounts to allow the removal of an account.
  • Adjusted the wording on the content visibility filter on the loop editor to prevent ambiguity.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed non-Owner roles to attempt to delete a profile.
  • Implemented functionality to allow a Project Manager to invite a user to their profile.