Why NowSignage is the only effective web-based solution

29/01/2020 by Matt Ryder

web-based digital signage

Digital signage, like most of the technology of the last decade, is increasingly moving towards the web to provide real-time, affordable and effective signage solutions around retail.

The traditional method, and the way in which many signage solutions offer this, is by providing a user with the ability to display a live webpage via a web link. They will often “dress up” this link as an integrated application. 
What it is, is actually just a basic and cheap means to deploy a webpage; simply find a device with a web browser and load marketing messages onto a shop-floor screen.

However, this traditional method does not remove any of the inevitable issues a user will face when displaying content in this manner. 

Internet connections are:

  • Unreliable
  • Unstable 
  • Insecure

Put simply, drop-outs and buffering are absolutely unavoidable when you are reliant upon a network connection for your signage.
Because of this, NowSignage will always store all content locally on your device thus providing users with super-reliable, 24/7 offline playback, all straight “out of the box”. 

We do it in this way because NowSignage always strives to be at the forefront of driving change in the digital signage industry. If further proof of this were needed we have just become the world’s first signage CMS to become genuinely agnostic through a single code base. We know that our customers have come to expect the best from us. They expect a full, feature-rich integration, no matter what platform or hardware they're using.

From the world’s best social media integrations, the world’s only truly secure integrations of third-party tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Google Drive, we are proud to offer an experience that is uncompromising. Features that look and feel great on your Android media player will provide the exact same experience when played from a Firefox browser on your Windows PC, and when shown on a Samsung Tizen Smart TV.

All confidential data is encrypted on our platform and your device to protect you from intrusive access. It’s what we’d expect when using a digital signage platform, it’s the standard we operate to, and it’s a standard we think our customers should demand.