Introducing our new templates for NowSignage for Websites

7/02/2020 by Vyronas Skoutaris


We are so excited to announce the launch of our brand new templates for our NowSignage for Websites product. Our users have been asking us to create a range of new templates and we have listened and we have been busy creating not one, but three new templates, that are available to all customers as of today.

NowSignage for Websites is our popular tool that aggregates all of your social media content into a visually stunning focal point, highlighting your brand to all of your website visitors. You can now publish relevant industry-specific news, customer reviews or dynamic social media posts to any page of your website in different styles, simply by selecting one of our new templates.

The new themes - Denali, Parallax and Pioneer come packed with visual enhancements. We can only guarantee that they will take your website aesthetics to the next level and give you or your brand the recognition it deserves. The themes are professionally crafted with the vision to make the content you want to publish stand out and create a positive and memorable user experience.

By dividing up information into separate chunks, each containing no more than four key points, visitors will have an easier time remembering the content you want to share.

To use these templates, hop into NowSignage and create or edit a widget, the new templates are found within the "Templates" dropdown menu.


This theme has excellent flexibility and clean design. It showcases your desired content in a grid of symmetrical tiles.


This theme renders your content as tiles in a stunning grid. Each tile has a background image that is pulled from the relevant post link, showcases the title and some main content in text.


This flexible theme comes loaded with a responsive carousel for laying out your content as tiles allowing you to create a slick, seamless and swipeable feed template. Each tile features a single post or feed, it includes a cover image, a text-based preview and a call to action button that links to the specified content.

If you would like to learn more about our NowSignage for Websites widget or try our new templates, please feel free to reach out on