Android App How-To

Welcome to NowSignage for Screens! We hope that you'll find the software straight-forward to use, but we've created this guide to get you up to speed on what notifications and indicators our Android app will present you with, in the rare case it needs your attention.

Offline Mode

NowSignage for Screens offers the ability to run your digital signage in locations where internet connectivity may not be reliable, thanks to our "Offline Mode" feature.

When your devices inform us that internet connectivity has been suspended, we suspend any download tasks, and use the content that we've stored on the device. This means that your audience will still continue to see the messages you're broadcasting, without having any nasty "crashing to desktop" or blank screens that other providers may offer.

As well as our analytics within the platform, we'll also show you a discreet indicator on any screen where we've lost connectivity.

You'll see a tiny white Wi-Fi icon within the bottom-right of any screen running in Offline Mode, as shown in the image below.

Asset Downloading

To ensure a level of security and performance, we cache any content you will be displaying on your screen onto the device, before we use it.

We'll perform a small set of checks, to ensure that the content is bit-for-bit identical to what you uploaded in the platform, and it will play on the device you're using.

The asset download indicator will only display while the app is downloading your files or ensuring that the download proceedure was successful, and after that, will disappear until new content is provided.


In the above screenshot, you can see that our screen is currently playing our New Look advert, while downloading a file called "ns_social_search".