Setup up your digital signage in a matter of minutes!


1. Register your free account.

​Register your free NowSignage account and get started today! Our monthly pricing model allows you to easily scale your plan as your digital signage requirements grow.


2. Manage your content online.

Access your account through our online platform from any desktop, laptop or smart device. Instantly upload new content and schedule your adverts and videos to play on any screen.


3. Download the App to your TV.

Simply turn on your connected Android media player and download the NowSignage app. All you need to do next is load the NowSignage app and enter your screen PIN.

Useful information for setting up your digital signage...

Setting up and managing your digital signage screens should be a simple and dare we say it... enjoyable task! That's why at NowSignage we have packed our platform full of incredible features while at the same time ensuring that our user experience is second to none! With NowSignage you can truely experience the simplicity of great digital signage. With all content managed through our online platform and screen updates carried out via remote communication with our Android app, it's no longer complicated to set up digital signage.

Although the NowSignage platform has been designed to provide a true SaaS experience, we understand that on occassions our customers will require a little extra assistance... it's always nice to have a team of experts alongside you! If you'd like to speak to us directly then please call +44 (0) 161 217 1505 and we'll be happy to help. The NowSignage support team is always there for you every step of the way!

Please also find below a few links to various blogs, case studies, videos and white papers that we think may also be of assistance.

Amazon Fire TV

NowSignage is fully compatible with commercial off-the-shelf media players such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick. This hardware option provides a simple, cost effective solution that allows you to have your digital signage up-and-running in seconds!


Android Media Player

NowSignage works with thousands of Android devices. If you need some help narrowing it down then please get in touch and we'd be happy to recommed the most compatible device for your installation setup and content requirements.


Smart TV

With many Smart TVs running an Android operating system, you no longer require external hardware to implement digital signage. Simply download the NowSignage app to your Smart TV and have your digital signage running at the click of a few buttons!