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How social is serving #Wimbledon

How social is serving #Wimbledon

From the fans’ point of view, social media has once again provided the place to vent opinion and support about the top action from Wimbledon. The official Wimbledon website ( is even showcasing the ‘IBM Slamtracker’ where fans can follow live action online as it happens. This is hardly an ordinary score feature though! The Slamtracker feeds in live statistics and analysis into an interface displaying huge detail about live matches and players. The technology also utilises “8 years worth of Grand Slam Tennis data” to show play pattes specific to each player giving a unique level of viewer insight.

Our favourite feature provided through NowSignage of this is of course the social sentiment data that the IBM Slamtracker provides. This top tool monitors conversation across platforms and gives a percentage figure of positive sentiment for each player! We wonder if a few Twitter Walls at The Championships would really put the cherry on the social cake next year…(it would).

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