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Digital Signage for Retail

“NowSignage has a strong pedigree of working with retailers since 2013. The ease of use, low price-point and high feature-set make us the obvious choice for retailers the world over”

Digital Signage for Corporate

With unique integrations such as Microsoft Power BI, Google’s suite of products and social media, NowSignage provides the very best features to businesses on 4 continents.


Digital Signage for Education

NowSignage works with a wide array of leading universities, schools, colleges and educational institutions. They particularly like the ease-of-use, flexible contracts, social media integrations and live announcements.

Digital Signage for Hospitality

NowSignage is trusted by some of the largest hotels, bar and restaurant chains in the world as well as single-outlet and independent businesses. Customisable roles and permissions, the very best social media integrations and ease-of-use are just some of the things that make us the go-to choice for hospitality businesses.

Digital Signage for Industrial

Informing staff in real-time with live announcement and the ability to broadcast KPIs and business information effectively makes NowSignage the CMS of choice for businesses all over the world.

Digital Signage for Healthcare

NHS Trusts, doctors surgeries, pharmacies and veterinary practices all use NowSignage to inform customers and staff in real time of key messages, wait times and promotions.

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Register a free account

A digital signage CMS should be extremely easy to use. Sounds obvious, right? But not usually the case!

Well, we believe that NowSignage is the easiest to use Digital Signage CMS on the market.

Anybody can be fully competent within 20-30 minutes, even with our advanced features.

We are so confident in this claim, you can have it for free and without restrictions for 10 days. We will even provide you with a free online 121 training session to get you started!


Step 2

Browse our features and build a schedule

Unlike other providers ALL of our features are included within your license cost.

Features such as our Microsoft Power BI & social media integrations, our proof-of-play, IPTV and Capacity Management applications, are all available free of charge to all users.

When you know what features you want to use, simply drag and drop your content into our easy uploader tool, and begin scheduling content up to 12 months into the future.


Step 3

Get our application on to your chosen hardware

NowSignage is the world’s first digital signage CMS to be hardware agnostic through a single code base. So, no matter what hardware you chose, NowSignage will simply work.

Once our software is downloaded on to your device (typically via an approved App Store or via our APK file) all you then need to do is enter your unique PIN generated within our CMS.



NowSignage have confirmed that they have successfully integrated digital signage with Microsoft Power BI, announcing the release of Power BI into the NowSignage platform.


NowSignage, which features social media and Microsoft Power BI integration, will be available on all LG screens sales, supporting Ingram's growing digital signage hardware and software business.


Manchester, UK's NowSignage has announced what it touts as the "world's first digital signage platform to become truly hardware agnostic through a single code base".

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