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NowSignage provides the most comprehensive and well-engaged reseller programme on the market, equipping you with all the tools, the biggest margins and the lowest end-user pricing to ensure mutual success.

Implemented across 30+ countries and trusted by the world’s biggest brands, we have the credentials and proven track record to give your customer confidence to rollout their next digital signage project with NowSignage. Our established partner eco-system comprises of manufacturer and solution partners, to ensure NowSignage can be implemented across all sectors, across a wide array of applications.

If you would like to become a reseller of NowSignage then please contact us today.

Become a reseller

Promises we make to our resellers...

We help you win and retain business… and even pass leads!

We aim to win business together, in full and proper partnership with our channel partners, exactly as it should be.

Not only does our platform provide the best solution on the market, but we also offer THE best margins in the industry to our partners, despite one of the lowest price points to end-users!

Become a reseller
Become a reseller

We provide 24/7 end-users training and support

Our support is second to none, with real human beings that you can call and speak to directly. NowSignage will provide all end-user training, and all support and product warranty in perpetuity, so you can relax in the knowledge that your own account management resources won’t be affected.

On top of this, we equip all our resellers with an extensive knowledge base, so that simple user-guides and videos are at your fingertips.

We provide all features out-of-the-box at no extra cost

NowSignage is committed to never charging extra for additional or premium features Unlike other providers we do not and will not ever charge extra for things such as our social media integration, Proof of Play or additional applications such as Power BI or Capacity Management.

If you’d like to find out more about some of the exciting new features in our pipeline then give us a shout… the version of NowSignage you buy today will be the worst version of NowSignage you ever own!

Become a reseller
Become a reseller

We’re the easiest to use CMS, and we’ll keep it that way!

The biggest barrier to sale with software is the fear of change. Because NowSignage is the easiest-to-use CMS on the market today, anybody can be fully proficient within 20-30 minutes. It’s therefore much easier for you to sell NowSignage to your clients than other solutions.

However, if you spot anything you’d like us to make even easier then please let us know and we’ll work our magic to keep improving.

Become a reseller

“The most advanced, secure & cost effective CMS on the market.”

James Mellor, GB Sponsorship & Events Lead at Coca-Cola Enterprises

Security and compliance at the heart of everything

At NowSignage we NEVER cut corners, Not when it comes to security protocols. Our platform is used by some of the world’s biggest brands and as such we hold security and compliance in the highest regard.

We pride ourselves on maintaining and implementing the correct and latest security processes across all aspects of our platform. The platform infrastructure is hosted via Amazon Web Services (AWS), in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). NowSignage work towards ISO9001 / ISO27001 standards

Become a reseller
Become a reseller

We’ll always be hardware agnostic to give you flexibility

Our unique code-base makes NowSignage genuinely agnostic via single code-base. With demonstrable and proven compatibility with more System-on-Chip screens, media players and other devices than any other provider on the market.

However, as standard practice we still always conduct thorough testing in collaboration with all of our hardware partners. In simple terms, when you buy NowSignage, you can be sure that it works, whatever your hardware!

Continuous innovation to keep you at the fore of technology

We are true SaaS; continually evolving and improving our technology at no added cost. Think of us as your very own, in-house, proprietary CMS, that you can shape and influence, but without the associated costs and staffing.

We take great pride in providing solutions to your end-user’s problems, which often means working hard to develop direct, full and proper integrations with other leading technologies. Many of our award winning features all came about from requests from our reseller partners, so if we don’t do something today, ask us, and there’s a good chance that we’ll do it tomorrow!

Become a reseller
Become a reseller

We’re always approachable to discuss your project needs

It sounds obvious, but we asked our resellers why they chose us as their digital signage product of choice, and they told us it was our regular, efficient and personal contact from our experienced Account Managers

We never leave our partners to simply go and sell without equipping them with everything they need to secure a sale. We work with you and your sales teams to ensure your targets are being met.


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