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Twitter wall in the classroom

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Twitter walls and social feeds can be used in a variety of locations, ranging from grand national and worldwide scale events to the environment of the school classroom. Most young adolescents nowadays are active on Twitter and therefore would be willing to offer content and participate in the Twitter wall. it’s important for educators to […]

Aggregate Twitter feeds

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All of your social media feeds can be aggregated onto an NowSignage Twitter Wall to significantly increase the interaction of your crowd! Nowsignage Screen Cast introduce’s a conversation, therefore creating an interested audience. Social media feeds quickly get content onto your screens, as well as building interaction and engagement within your audience. Interesting customer feedback is always useful […]

Digital signage network in the workplace

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The digital signage network at NowSignage can introduce and increase the levels of social interaction in the workplace. Social content flowing throughout the day has become more popular in recent times as technology has developed bringing with it an innovative format of social media. NowSignage announcements are a great tool when wanting to deliver important messages or to […]

Social Media display advertising

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How do you generate that extra bit of revenue whilst your event is in full swing? NowSignage provides you with the opportunity to drive lucrative advertising income through pre-scheduled advertisements during the broadcast, at controllable intervals dependent on your own professional requirements. Having engaged people taking interest in the pictures and comments up on the […]

Combine social media feeds

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Combine all of your social media feeds onto an NowSignage Twitter Wall and witness crowd engagement soar! Tu your screen broadcast into a two way conversation and create a captive audience with a social media feed. are a great way to get Social content onto the screens; but also a fantastic way to build interaction & engagement […]

Digital Signage for social media revenues

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Social media walls are becoming increasingly influential in the Digital age; however the question still remains revenues … what content is best suited to be broadcasted onto the screens; what are the benefits; and how can you, the event organiser, see a tangible Retu of Investment? Benefits Why not take advantage of having a social media […]

Live social media feed for events

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A live social media feed for events increases crowd engagement. They allow attendants to generate content, such as images, comments, Jpg ads, etc., onto screens at an event. By searching across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can discover hashtags and/or relevant keywords relating to specific events occurring around the globe at the touch of a button. […]

Asp Flash Poll

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The NowSignage Smart Poll is a clever tool that increases customer and guest engagement during the course of an event or function. There are no limits on the number of questions and answers available, allowing for fully customisable polls to be deigned and created for your requirements. NowSignage can also provide an alternative web link […]


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Screenflow to create the sharp looking social feeds designed and supplied by NowSignage, the Screen Cast displayed live at the events compliment each other with regards to style and functionality. There is a smooth flow between slides, as each new piece of information animates in and out of the screen in a professional manner. image and […]