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Social media aggregator app

Social media aggregator app

NowSignage upcoming SaaS model brings a social media aggregator app with it the possibility of utilising the features on a mobile device or tablet in an app, supported by iOS and android.

Digital signage CMS platforms like NowSignage provide a range of tools and capabilities for integrating social media reports into your digital signage displays. NowSignage has developed direct, single-sign-on API integrations with all 5 of the major social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin & YouTubeThis allows businesses to display their social media feeds on their digital signage displays in real-timeNowSignage also provides the most advanced moderated social media search tool on the market at no extra cost3This tool allows businesses to find all those great customer posts and broadcast those too 

If you have multiple displays, you can use a digital signage CMS like NowSignage to create content for each display. For example, you can create a different piece of content for each broadcast or create a playlist of content that will play on all the broadcast screens. Digital signage software can be a powerful promotional tool. The software enables businesses to display their messages on multiple screens simultaneously, allowing them to reach more customers. Moreover, with real-time content updates, businesses can display up-to-date information relevant to their customers.

In conclusion, social media aggregation is an excellent way to engage your audience and keep them informed about your brand. By integrating social media reports into your digital signage CMS using NowSignage, you can create more engaging content that will keep your audience interested.

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