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The University of Chester Campus Signage

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NowSignage Chester Campus Signage University project is centred around the creation and provision of Digital Signage. The requirements from the University can be seen as ‘dual purpose’: Through the NowSignage software we have provided the with an effective means to broadcast relevant content to multiple areas around the Chester Campus Signage. Our advanced software not […]

Crisis is back with a bang at Rock City!


Nottingham’s biggest and best student night, Crisis and Rock City is back, and this time there’s an even more engaging way for students to interact live with the event. The 2,500 capacity venue holds Crisis on a weekly basis, and once again has gone down a treat with the student audience.  NowSignage now provide the […]

X-Factor Auditions, mum can you see me?

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The x-factor screens we’re making money throughout the day too by displaying advertisements. These ads can be pre-loaded into the NowSignage system, and left to run with ease. If you’re creating a live event and you’d like to create a new revenue stream, selling advertising is the easiest way to make some money back for […]

NowSignage and Nova Lift Spirits at Bupa’s Great North 10K

event digital signage software

Manchester-based NowSignage provides live Twitter walls  with Novamand digital social signage to some of the largest events in the country, working with clients including UBM Live, Manchester United, Oxford University and IBM.  It recently undertook a large project with ITV’s ‘The X Factor’ during its audition stages, providing large Twitter walls to encourage mass audience […]

The Great Run launches NowSignage Web Scoop


The Great Run , which includes the Great North Run, the Great South Run and the Great Manchester Run, is popularly referred to as the ‘World’s favorite run’.  Throughout the calendar year, a number of running based events take place across the United Kingdom, with the most common race being the half marathon. NowSignage has helped […]