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The University of Chester Campus Signage

The University of Chester Campus Signage

NowSignage Chester Campus Signage University project is centred around the creation and provision of Digital Signage. The requirements from the University can be seen as ‘dual purpose’:

  1. The NowSignage system is required to provide Digital Signage to campus screens all year round.
  2. To be used as an ‘experiential solution’ for one-off events, such as University Open Days and special events.

Through the NowSignage software we have provided the with an effective means to broadcast relevant content to multiple areas around the Chester Campus Signage. Our advanced software not only enables content to be scheduled to multiple screens, but also different content to be displayed on different screens. Clearly, content published to the library would naturally be different to specific content to be communicated in the cafe and main reception.

When it comes to navigating a large university campus, clear and effective signage is crucial. Not only does it help students and visitors find their way around, but it also enhances the overall experience and perception of the campus. That’s why the University of Chester has partnered with Nowsignage to create a comprehensive directional signage system that meets the needs of its diverse community.

The Importance of Directional Signage

Effective directional signage is essential for any large campus, especially one with multiple buildings and facilities. It helps students, staff, and visitors find their way around with ease, reducing confusion and frustration. It also promotes a sense of safety and security, as people can quickly locate emergency exits and important facilities. Additionally, directional signage can enhance the overall aesthetic of the campus, creating a more welcoming and organized environment.

Wayfinding Design

Wayfinding design is the process of creating a system of signs and symbols that guide people through a physical environment. It involves understanding the needs and behaviors of the users and designing a system that is intuitive and easy to follow. At the University of Chester, Nowsignage worked closely with campus officials to develop a wayfinding design that meets the needs of students, staff, and visitors.

User-Centered Approach

Nowsignage took a user-centered approach to the wayfinding design for the University of Chester campus. This involved conducting research and gathering feedback from students, staff, and visitors to understand their needs and preferences. The result is a signage system that is tailored to the specific needs of the campus community, making it easier for them to navigate the campus.

Consistency and Clarity

Consistency and clarity are crucial elements of effective wayfinding design. Nowsignage ensured that the signage system for the University of Chester campus is consistent in terms of design, color, and placement. This makes it easier for users to recognize and follow the signs, reducing confusion and improving the overall experience. The signs are also designed to be clear and easy to read, with simple and concise messaging.

Nowsignage Solutions

Nowsignage offers a range of solutions to meet the directional signage needs of the University of Chester campus. These include digital signage, interactive kiosks, and traditional static signs. Digital signage is a modern and dynamic way to display directional information, with the ability to update and change content in real-time. Interactive kiosks provide a user-friendly way for people to find their way around the campus, with the option to search for specific locations or facilities. Traditional static signs are also available for areas where digital or interactive solutions may not be suitable.

Through the NowSignage system, we are able to showcase students’ work around the campus by uploading images and then scheduling the frequency and times that they are to be broadcasted to the appropriate screens.

We are pleased to say that this is an ongoing project, where we are working with the university to provide this innovative Digital Signage.

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