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Great Manchester Run 2015

Great Manchester Run 2015

Great Manchester Run 2015 was powered by NowSignage were live at the event managing a bespoke Screen Cast on a huge LED screen, which was situated along the route.

As well as creating a general feed for images and comments, for the use of people watching the race, a special M.E.N. Cheer Zone was designed to offer inspiration to the runners. Through the development of technology, each entrant was provided with a chip containing data with their name and race number. When the runner crossed the specially located timing mat, the information containing these details was sent to the screens.

The time it would take each different wave to travel the 100 metre distance from the timing mat to the large LED screen was specifically calculated. Once the runner was 50 metres away from the Screen Cast, so as to maximize exposure of the message and also to ensure the screen was visible to the participants, an inspirational message was presented to help motivate the individual through the last segment of the run.

presented multiple names to the screen in order to boost the interaction and engagement of all the runners who took part in the 10k. This new and exciting technology opens up many different avenues for the future. It is now possible to quickly and easily identify individuals in large crowds, before then applying targeted messages towards them during a live event or performance.

More than a quarter of a million enthusiastic runners have took to the streets of Manchester since the run was established in 2003. The Great Manchester Run has also managed to raise over £22 million for charity!


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