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Smart Poll flexes it’s muscles!

Smart Poll flexes it’s muscles!

Using a Smart Poll at an event is now easier than ever! Guests can answer questions in a variety of ways, rather than feeling restricted. For example, events may provide tablets or iPads, with the microsite pre-loaded onto their screens, which will allow the polls to be viewed this way. However, in a world where most people own a smartphone able to gain a 3G/4G connection, there are other alteative methods which grant guests the same access to the Smart Poll. The microsite, which has been loaded onto the iPads, can be followed so that the questions can be available to guests in remote locations, rather than having to go to the polling station. As well as the lead, a QR code can be scanned by users with the relevant app, and can therefore find their way to the same destination following a different path, at their own convenience.  

Specially designed microsites can be created to accommodate the questions for the poll, which can be accessed at a separate link. To ensure your polling area is as authentic as possible, as well as complying to your professional requirements, each Smart Poll is custom built. This means that elements of the styling and content can be moulded to your specifications, such as the background and text, as well as the number of questions and answers. For example, the answers could be in a multiple choice format, allowing the creation of a graph to present the results onto the Screen Cast, or providing users with more freedom as they can create any answer they like (the Smart Poll’s moderation avoids negative content finding its way into the public domain however!).

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